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Explore the taste of the Mediterranean with Secret Gardens Organic Pomegranate Essence. Made to the recipe of what is traditionally known as Nar Ekşisi. This authentic recipe combines the finest blends of sun-kissed pomegranates which are handpicked from the unique region of Antakya in Turkey. Thanks to it’s location and soil richness, every drop is filled with a distinctive delicious sweet tangy taste and aroma. Our pomegranates are gently simmered for hours to leave behind the purest and richest flavoured syrup which is used to compliment the natural flavours of many foods, and most commonly used as a salad dressing; so add instead of citrus or vinegar. It’s also great to marinade all types of fish, meats and poultry.

Health & Nutrition

Organic – Greater Health & Nutrition

We all know the importance of getting our five-a-day, but eating five organic fruit and vegetables a day is even better. The term ‘Organic’ refers to the way your food has been grown and processed. It means lower levels of pesticides and chemicals, no manufactured herbicides or artificial fertilisers and no colours and preservatives. Put simply, organic food contains more of the good stuff we need, and less of the bad stuff that we don’t need, contributing more to your mental and physical well-being.

All this has a massive impact on the environment too. Organic agriculture is about a way of farming that pays close attention to nature. Working with nature means cleaner, healthier soil and more sustainable management of the environment. It means fewer chemicals and sprays on the land such as artificial fertilisers, which can pollute both the soil and waterways, more wildlife and biodiversity and the avoidance of genetic modification.

Pomegranates are one of the most antioxidant dense fruits in the world. Loaded with Vitamin E, calcium, iron and potassium. Secret Gardens packs all the goodness from six of these miracle organic fruits into each of our Organic Pomegranate Essence bottles.

Packaging You Can Trust

Our Organic Pomegranate Essence is 100% natural… so are our bottles!

We wanted our packaging to keep our sauce in it’s peak condition, while being friendly to the environment. Made with a mix of three earthy materials; sand, limestone and sodium ash, our bottles are one of the healthiest and safest ways of storing food.

The flavour, as well as minerals and vitamins, in the Secret Gardens Pomegranate Essence will hold its quality until you’re ready to go.

History In The Making

The pomegranate has a rich history in myth, symbol, art, medicine and religion through the ages. Nar Eksisi has been produced for millennia in Antakya, Southern Turkey. Pomegranates have always been an important part of the Middle Eastern diet.

Secret Gardens harnesses the goodness and flavour of this unique and rich fruit. Squeezing and gently simmering the pomegranates to one seventh the amount of juice. Leaving behind an all natural pure extract of the fruit.


Add some creativity to your to your favourite dishes with our Organic Pomegranate Essence. Our fruity and tangy Organic Pomegranate Essence is perfect for adding a unique twist to your everyday main meals and vegetables.

Use it as a dressing or marinade to add a sweet and sour sensation to your dishes. Drizzle over your favourite salad and add instead of vinegar and lemon to any dressing. Use as a marinade to tenderise meat or brush generously over poultry and fish before cooking to give a sticky and tangy coating. Our Organic Pomegranate Essence is the perfect blend of delicious sweetness meets tangy sour and is sure to invigorate any meal and your taste buds.

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