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Secret Gardens’ Organic Mulberry Crush is 100% pure cold pressed organic mulberry juice. Each bottle of Organic Mulberry Crush contains the juice of 125 Mulberries.

Mulberries can be found in a number of different colours and varieties. The highest levels of plant compounds and antioxidant capacity are found in the darkest coloured mulberries. This is why we use organic black mulberries to ensure our product contains the highest levels of flavour, plant compounds and antioxidants as possible. This nutrient dense fruit can provide you with a rich source of Vitamin C, Iron, Vitamin K, Potassium and Vitamin E.

Our Organic Mulberry Crush is made by pressing or ‘crushing’ the whole fruit to extract the juice, hence its name: Organic Mulberry Crush. No sugars or preservatives are added to our juice to ensure you can experience the fruit’s full flavour and abundance of nutrients in their purest form.

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Organic – Greater Health & Nutrition

Our Organic Mulberry Crush is different from many other juices available on the market today. Firstly, our juice is 100% organic. We at Secret Gardens are very passionate about organic produce and bringing products to our customers which showcase nature’s bounty in its purest form.

It is cold pressed and not from concentrate. This means our juice is not heated, stored and then diluted at a later date. Bottling our cold pressed juice straight away ensures that you get the freshness of freshly squeezed fruit every time. It has no added sugar or preservatives so it tastes just as good as squeezing the fruit yourself.

We all know the importance of getting our five-a-day, but eating five organic fruit and vegetables a day is even better. The term ‘Organic’ refers to the way your food has been grown and processed. It means lower levels of pesticides and chemicals, no manufactured herbicides or artificial fertilisers and no colours and preservatives. Put simply, organic food contains more of the good stuff we need, and less of the bad stuff that we don’t need, contributing more to your mental and physical well-being.

Mulberries are one of the most antioxidant dense fruits in the world. Loaded with Vitamin C, iron and Vitamin K and much, much more. Secret Gardens packs all the goodness from 125 of these miracle organic fruits into each of our Organic Mulberry Crush bottles.

Our Organic Mulberry Crush provides you with more than 26% of your daily Vitamin C intake. Leaving you quenched in thirst, flavour & vitality

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Packaging You Can Trust

Our Organic Mulberry Crush comes in its very own greenhouse (A little glass bottle).

Although our black mulberries are not grown in greenhouses, there is no better way to bring you our freshly squeezed sun kissed mulberry juice. This little greenhouse ensures that all the nutrients are kept at their peak allowing you to store your Organic Mulberry Crush for many months and still release that sun kissed freshness with every serving. Unlike other packaging on the market today, glass does not impair the quality, taste and nutritional benefits of the juice inside.

So, not only is our glass packaging the friendliest packaging for our juice, our packaging is the friendliest to the environment too!


Add some well-deserved flavour to your life. Our Organic Mulberry Crush is perfect drunk neat from the bottle, added to your favourite cocktails and mixed in as an ingredient to give your foods that Mulberry touch. Check out our recipes to discover a world of inspiration!

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