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Maybe Secret Gardens should be called Secret Farms. Because farming is where our family traditions began. And where they continue decades later. In the rich and fruitful soil of Turkey.


That knowledge and understanding has helped shape and bring Secret Gardens to life. It is our goal to share the distinctive and authentic Turkish flavours our ancestors produced at harvest. With you. And the whole world.


And though future generations started out in the East of London – where they too brought the home-cooked tastes of Turkey to the UK – the roots of Secret Gardens still extend much further east. All the way back to the land of our ancestors.


So as we continued to enjoy the riches of these farms on our Turkish holidays, we thought – why not let others experience our wonderful flavours and time-honoured traditions? So we have.


It is what inspires us at Secret Gardens. To share the richness of what our land has to offer. And to create a world where new generations can eat foods that are good not just for their health. But for the environment too.