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Secret Gardens brings to you the benefits of what Mother Nature has to offer at it’s purest. All our products are certified organic and combine amazing taste and health properties, just as nature intended.


All our products are Organic European Union certified. Offering you full reassurance and confidence in our products.


None of our products contain anything which derives from animals. They never will!


We never add sugar or artificial sweeteners to our product. All sugars are naturally occurring.


All our products are gluten free so they are suitable for a gluten free diet. Enjoy!

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Having a Mediterranean diet is known worldwide to be one of the healthiest and most delicious. See what you can recreate with our delightful products.

Frequently Asked Questions

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All our fruits are grown in Turkey. This is because Turkey has the perfect weather and certified organic soil. All our fruits DNA is native to Turkey and its rich heritage.
This product is traditional pomegranate molasses (Nar ekisi) which has been made to the authentic Turkish recipe. We have called it ‘Essence’ and not ‘molasses’ to differentiate our product from the sugar filled pomegranate molasses in the market.
Our Organic Pomegranate Essence is made with one ingredient only; organic pomegranates. Other pomegranate molasses in the market contain added sugars, glucose syrup and other thickening agents which help those brands lower their prices. We at Secret Gardens, want the health benefits and flavour of the organic pomegranates to come across to our consumers, therefore we use only 100% organic pomegranates in our Organic Pomegranate Essence, nothing else is added to the product. So you are left with a more clean, pure and authentic tasting pomegranate molasses.
Yes. This tastes tart/sour just like the traditional nar eksis/pomegranate sour/pomegranate molasses should. It does not contain any added sugar, any sweetness will come from the natural sugars of the pomegranate fruit.
No. None of our products contain added sugar. All ‘sugars’ are natural sugars from the pomegranate fruit itself.